Sunday, September 28, 2008


Ok, so I'm just getting off of work at Gap Kids. My days are pretty funny because I deal with soccer moms and screaming children. Would you believe that soccer moms are the biggest shop lifters? It's crazy how much merchandise we lose daily-more than the adult side, that's for sure. Here are some of my favorite tales from work:

A woman walked in with her young son. He had to be like 4, and he was asking her a question. She said, "Shut up you little shit," and he repeated her. She freaked out and said, "Don't you dare talk to mommy like that!!!"

One lady made her eight year old cry. They were going on vacation and the girl invited two friends, but only one was allowed to go. The mom started screaming at her, blaming her for all her life's problems. The littel girl started crying hysterically.

A kid tried to walk out of the store with a mannequin-enough said there.

This lady was yelling at her kid in a stroller. She kept screaming, "Sit!! Sit!!" over and over, and the little boy started barking. LMAO

One lady started smacking her kids around in the store. She dragged them out of there crying.

Today, however, I didn't deal with any craziness-just busy work. There were a lot of customers, and I was main cashier. Today this lady told me to go further than retail. LOL, I wasn't offended, I told her I'm a college student, and I will. Hmmm... The customers say that I really know how to sell stuff, so I should go into a field that requires persuasion. I do admit, I am not afraid to engage in a conversation, but I think journalism will do for me. Hey, it kinda rocks my socks.

That reminds me of something. A lot of people who work there, REALLY work there. I know my next move-well I kinda do. I freak out now about the thought of not having a career, but what about those people who are older and depend on this work? When I say older, I mean over 25. After that, you're kinda outta school, and should be starting some kind of career. I'm so high strung that I would not be able to live with myself. I guess I let my family and the media influence me enough to feel like I have to MAKE IT in order to make it. Hey, I'm still young, so I have some time to screw up and change my mind, so I really can't worry about it now.

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