Thursday, September 25, 2008

Odd Day

So today started off very strange. I woke up at 3am and couldn’t fall back asleep. There was the most annoying cat outside my window. I swore it was Sid, but he was in the house. I managed to fall back asleep and get up at my normal time. I still managed to be late for class lol. I discovered my desktop had internet for the first time in like a week, so I took advantage. Facebook made me late for class (sigh).

I went to get in the car and I couldn’t find the car keys. Where the hell did they go? I was running around like a madwoman trying to find them. I noticed Dawn was up, and she told me they were on the third floor. Grrrr…. I went outside and noticed the garbage man pulling up. He blocked me in!! I finally got to school, and as I reached the parking lot my song came on-“Sure Looks Good to Me” by Alicia Keys. I stayed in the car and blasted the song. It was as good as ALWAYS. Lol. Then I ran across campus to my mass communications class. I breathlessly strolled in, and the professor knew it was me without even looking up. He told me to research chicken manure. Um… okay? Then we watched an episode of Family Guy. FREAKIN AWESOME!!!

Here’s something interesting today. In philosophy class, many unanswered questions were discussed in a video. It had to do with the development of the world and the accuracy of what has been laid out for us to believe. So I thought about something-If I could ask God anything, I’d ask:
· Who built Stonehenge?
· Where is Atlantis?
· Are we the only ones, or are others out there?

I just got back from seeing Joe Biden speak. It took sooo long so I wound up missing my public speaking class. I'm not too upset, though, because I got to see a speech lol. Plus I get to feel what it's really like to be a journalist. You finish up at an event then you run and type it up. I feel kinda important, too. Dawn's going to make the kids write papers on the speech today since they didn't get to do schoolwork (they do school online). They have to rely on the notes that I took to write their paper. I took down sooo many quotes. This should be a good one!

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