Friday, September 26, 2008

Movin up in the journalism world

So I saw Joe Biden speak yesterday. I think after waiting for two hours and unintentionally skipping class, the speech was well worth it.  He discussed our economic crisis, and plans to fix it. He really got the crowd fired up.

On my Facebook I changed my status to one about me writing an article about Biden's speech. My friend called me out of the blue. This is the one who works on Capitol Hill. He asked me to send him the finished product of my article, some of his people would like to see it. He said "I'm gonna hook you up Tonya on this  one. I'll scratch your back. People want to know about Biden, and they want to see your writing." My professor just edited my article for me, and I feel like it's good to go. I'm excited about DC seeing my journalistic capabilities. 

Alright, so I know not everyone reading this enjoys politics or hearing about my future plans, but I think it's necessary to say. I have so many negative things happening everyday with my eating disorder and my family, I need something to smile about. God gives me opportunities to show I can rise above, and I am taking advantage. I think that's the wise thing to do-don't you?

Okay, so there's this guy I've kinda been interested in. He's sexy, and he seems very genuine and intelligent. He told me he was going to see Biden speak, so I was blown away. He has some common sense too lol. Now that I suddenly have things to do, I don't think I really care about him. It took me an hour to decide I don't like him anymore. Oh well. lol. My DC friend has been on my mind lately anyway... 

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