Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Philosophy Class

Today my philosophy professor went off on a tangent talking about Lance Armstrong. She is fascinated with him battling cancer and still competing. She believes that we should be inspired by him. "Extreme people are road maps for what we can do." 

Wow, that quote has burned a whole through me all day. I believe it.  I know I probably said it before, but we control our directions in life. I reject "The Man" theories and my gender holding me back. I control my own destiny. I control my education, my finances, my recovery, my happiness. I refuse to let negative thinking hold me back. 

The professor asked how we approach education. The Greeks-like many other cultures, saw education as a privilege. What is the point of being in school if I'm not going to jump in whole-hearted? I feel like my attitude toward  school is changing. Many days I look at school as a chore, rolling my eyes as I get out of bed. Everyday I need to want to learn. I always wondered whether or not I'm wasting my time in college, but school is not to get a good job, but to educate myself. I need to stop trying to rush through this semester and just take it slow, absorb ever piece of information thrown at me. 

She also posed another question-What are words and the power of words? Now, I can't define words, but I can discuss their power. A word's magnitude is not determined by its length. BE is a two-letter word, but it is profound. It means to exist. Humans BEings exist. Mankind IS, which is another word similar to BE. God is the great I Am.  What does antidisestablismentarianism mean to me? Nothing, but LOVE means a great deal to me. It is everything. GOD shapes me, has made me, and defines me. Words like HATE can pierce the soul, WAR can tear people apart. MONEY ruins us all. Hmmm... I think I will throw some of my thought processes into my paper. I may not be able to define words, but because I FEEL, I can talk about their power. 

(sigh) It's amazing how much I learn when I stay awake in class...

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