Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ballet Flats

Straps that cross like an X
Leaving an imprint on the top of my foot
Black, with worn leatherC
arrying me from points A to B, Y to Z
My favorites
They've strolled down SOHO streets
Stepped in Philly subways
Walked dirt trails and blacktops
They've attracted gum, leaves, mud
And of course my eager feet
They've carried me through it all
Conforming to my every move
Aiding in a quick exit, dashing from conflict
Comforted my shaken toes as I prepare for a great feat
Even caught me as I, like a child, jumped off of a swing
These shoes have seen miles
And it amazes me they're still intact
I take a lesson from them
Model after their surprising sturdiness
My soul, worn down like the flats'
Still remains
It's awesome how everyday they make it
Here I stand and so do they