Friday, October 10, 2008

27 Hours in a Day

I am so beat up right now. I was trying to climb out of my bedroom window onto the roof for the first time, and I kinda fell out. Well, not kinda. My life flashed before my eyes. HAHA. Then when I was trying to climb back in, I fell in.

Darn it, my weekend got crazy insane, and it's just beginning. I have two deadlines Monday for my internship. I have a speech to write for class, I'm taking out my micros. I have to work, I'm going to the hair salon and I have to go take care of the event listings for the newspaper. I think I'm also going to see the Clintons and Bidens on Sunday. I need to study.

I got a C on my biology test. Not satisfied. I need to bring that grade up. I have a ton of extra credit that will bring my final grade up, but it would still be nice to not have to worry about that up front.

Today was rather interesting. I went to class, I went to work. At work today I was by myself. Friday night, Gap Kids. By myself? Crazy. There was this little kid who kept screaming, then he got this little girl to start screaming. Then the two of them started in a baby's face. The baby was crawling around on the floor. Who lets their baby crawl around on a mall floor? That had me scratching my head. Especially considering kids pee on themselves and leave puddles on our floor.

I am down 7 lbs, borderline underweight again. That wasn't purposely done, though. It excites me and scares me all at the same time. The weight I was at was medically safe. This one is more comfy for me, but would be unnerving for the fam if they knew. I'm actually a little pissed because I bought two pairs of size four pants and they're starting to get baggy. What the heck am I supposed to do since I gave my old ones away? Whatever goes down, I'm NOT drinking anymore Ensure Plus. That's for sure.


rantsalamode said...

Feel better after that fall! It sounds like it was scary.

R.E.II said...

Please tell me this was a dream?