Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Wishing Death on Reality Shows

So I am SUCKED in to a couple of reality shows right now, and I scratch my head wondering what it is that keeps me watching. He are the top three that get under my skin:

I am currently into Running in Heels. They could not  have picked interns more dumb or more catty. They are so quick to turn on each other, and they can't handle criticism for their idiot mistakes. I really wonder how these people got internships. Did they do an interview? You can tell right off hand that they are mentally fresh out of first grade. 
Ashley is a big kid. I don't know anyone who can't focus on their work because they are jealous of what someone else is doing. I could never be friends with someone like her without pulling my hair out.
Talita? Idiot. That's all I have to say. She claims she wants to write, but she can't properly conduct an interview at a fashion show. "Whats' your favorite beauty accessory?" Who cares. If YOU sum up the average LA girl, then I could never insult my intelligence and go out there. With your non-paper trained dog. I don't blame the dog, though, I blame the incompetent owner.
Ok, and there's Samantha. She doesn't bug me as much. She's a little slow too, but she's letting everyone else's comments kinda roll of her back. Yeah, she left early Friday to see her boyfriend, but if the bosses don't care-then why should you care Ashley? Choke on a hot dog, really. 

Now onto the Real World. I'm watching that too, and that one's not that bad. BUT, I got a beef with Katelynn. You're getting used to your female body, so you wrap yourself around a pole? I'm offended by you. I had to get used to a woman's body too, but for me, it was puberty. I didn't start sluttin' it up. It scares me to think that is your image of a strong sexy woman. Getting used to your new role as a woman, you need to start trying to lift up women, and act like a lady. You snap your fingers and get attitude when you're told to clean up a mess. If you would clean it up in the first place, you'd save people a lot of breath.

For the Love of Ray J. Come on, man. Nobody wants you. You're short, and you can't sing. You were on a cancelled TV show as a teen, and you made a sex tape. You should not have been rewarded with a dating show. Then again, the only people who get them are washed up anyway. All the girls on there are rather strange-too much for comfort. 

Unique, you need to exercise your right to wear a bra. Chardonnay, go back to that pole you climbed off of. Feisty, you need a good detox. Danger. A face tattoo? Really? Who are you, Mike Tyson? Then again, it doesn't make you look any worse than you already do. You are a little scary. COCKtail. I had to caps the COCK in there. You're a gold-digging whore. Face it. 


Amorous Rocker said...

I don't have a clue on the shows to comment about them honestly, lol. I don't watch hardly any TV at all. I haven't seen Real World since I was a young teen, I didn't even know it still came on, lol.

To answer your question about where I live that has snow, I'm staying with my parents in Northern CA right now near the Oregon border. Lots of mountains and they're all still covered in snow.

*^_^* said...

Vigorously nodding my head in agreement!