Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Anti-Turkey Day

So I am coming from under my rock to tell you all that I am terrified of Thursday. It has been forever since I haven't feared Thanksgiving. In recovery or not, everyone like me is on edge. My solution? I'm not celebrating it. I'm going to knock back an ambien and bury my head under the blanket all day. This way I can protect myself from the anxiety and spare anyone else from having to see me. I feel like I'm getting soooo fat. I'd actually prefer to just... deal with my issues myself. With my cats lol. 

HOWEVER, Saturday is my family function here. Hmmm... Maybe it's not the holiday, maybe it's the social eating that scares me. Maybe it's the fact that everyone will meet my boyfriend. Maybe it's the people in my family that I roll my eyes at. Who knows. Pray for me!!!

1 comment:

DaftDragon said...

Oh man, I feel this too... sleeping through it all. Sending good karma!